Camel Finds Water


Camel Finds Water

Have you ever had a thought pass through your mind that almost seems crazy enough to dismiss? Say for example seeing the ruins of an abandoned boat in a field and wondering what it would take to get it back on the water?

Trevor Gordon did. The Santa Barbara native saw it lying, desolate and barren. All it took was a glimpse of faded turquoise paint amongst the tall grass, the whiff of old wood, a hint of adventure, and his vision was crystal clear; it belonged on the tumbling waves off the coast of British Columbia, where some of the world’s best remote surf could be found, deep into the misty fjords past Tofino. Trevor didn’t see the back half of the boat missing, the lack of structural integrity it held, the chips, cracks and holes that water would find its way through. He saw potential.

As portrayed through the craftful lens of filmmaker Ian Durkin, Trevor and his team of dedicated friends get all hands on deck to rebuild the small boat in the rapidly shrinking timeframe before the rainy season reaches the west coast of Canada, breathing new life into the vessel, which they aptly renamed “Camel” in accordance to their fearful predictions that the boat couldn’t float, only hold water. The question lingered over their heads as they put in days on end of hard work on it. Could the Camel swim?

Ian follows Trevor and his co-captain as they race up the coast to reach Canada, their dream at their fingertips and waiting to discover with bated breath whether the fruits of their labour would pay off, and whether the boat lead them to their desired destination of Peckish Peak, a remote surf location tucked away in the fjords off the British Columbia coast?

The short film showcases, through muted vintage tones and playful narration, the unlikely journey of two surf fanatics willing to go the extra mile to find the perfect wave by bringing the little boat with a history back from the dead. But more subversively, the flick highlights the beauty of following through with an improbable goal in spite of all contraindications, and the ultimate payoff of committing heart and soul to a project, the “old-fashioned” way; elbow grease, a strong community and a bottomless imagination.

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Word: Celeste Botton

Image: from the film Camel Finds Water