Plastic Free Christmas ideas


If you take a minute to think about it, Christmas has become so saturated with plastic it is now hard to find plastic free festive alternatives.  So we’ve pulled together some of our favourite plastic free decorating ideas that will get you in the festive mood without the addition of a single piece of plastic.

Our favourite is this bottle brush glass jar table decoration.  So easy, so pretty and they last a lot longer than you would think.  Simply remove the label from a glass jar and clean it thoroughly.  Collect some bottle brush flowers, place the flowers in the jar with the top pointing toward the base of the jar.  Fill the jar with cold tap water as close to the rim as possible.  Screw on the lid tightly.  Turn upside down!  Change the water when it gets cloudy and the flowers can last as long as 4 weeks.

Another easy and effective table decor idea is adding greenery to a glass bottle and topping it with a candle.  Create a couple using a variety of foliage and they make a great natural centrepiece.

Keep your decorations organic with dried orange peel and twine.  Not only are they fun to make, they smell great, the orange rind keeps its vibrant colour AND you get to eat the oranges.  They are great to make with kids and you can get detailed step by step instructions RIGHT HERE thanks to This Healthy Table!

Use the natives in your garden or pick up some from the florist and make your own Christmas wreath.  You can find step by step instructions RIGHT HEREIf you choose the right foliage and flowers the colours will stay vibrant for weeks.  A super simple and great way to up-cycle your toilet paper rolls is to create these crafty Christmas stars.  All you need is a pair of scissors, glue and toilet paper rolls.  You can craft a wall hanging out of your favourite native gumnuts, pine cones, sticks, dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, pretty much anything that takes your fancy.

Once you’ve decorated the house you can make it smell deliciously Christmasy by simmering the orange peel off cuts with cinnamon sticks, leaving the lid off the pot.

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Merry Plastic Free Christmas Ocean Lovers!