At the Ocean Film Festival World Tour we are proud to work with local conservation partners to help support the important work they do keep our oceans clean and safe.  In 2022 Take 3 for the Sea will be the Ocean Film Festival’s national touring conservation partner in Australia.  Every person purchasing tickets via Humanitix will have the opportunity to donate directly to Take 3 for the Sea. We are also proud to work with the following local ocean conservation organisations:

Take 3 for the sea

Take 3 for the Sea

Take 3 believes in simple actions to address complex problems.

How can we stop plastic pollution from killing wildlife and suffocating our planet?

Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or…anywhere, and you have made a difference.

In 2009, two friends set about answering this question. Marine ecologist, Roberta Dixon-Valk and youth educator, Amanda Marechal developed Take 3 – an idea where a simple action could produce profound consequences. Joining forces with environmentalist

More information about Take 3 and donate here:

Project AWARE Foundation is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. With a mission to connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation, Project AWARE brings together a dedicated team of individuals around the world who share a passion for ocean protection and adventure to secure real and direct environmental victories. Project AWARE is a registered non-profit organization with offices in Australia, UK and USA.

Find out more about Project Aware at:

Humpbacks and Highrises

Humpbacks and High-rises is an NGO based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Since 2011 they  have been running Queensland’s largest marine mammal monitoring program dedicated to the protection and research of marine mammals.  Their mission is to ensure present and future generations of the community have access to enjoy, appreciate and care for whales and dolphins through research, rescue and education.

More information about Humpbacks and High-rises at:

Tangaroa Blue

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australian registered charity focused on the health of our marine environment, and coordinates the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, an on-ground network of volunteers, communities, organisations and agencies around the country monitoring the impacts of marine debris along their stretch of coastline.

More information about Tangaroa Blue at:

Reef Check Australia

Reef Check Australia has been helping people to help reefs since 2001.  Reef Check exists because the scale of monitoring and action required to help look out for reefs called for a network of local people united on a global scale. In 1999, the first ever global Reef Check survey into coral reef health showed the power of community involvement with scientific studies – better known as citizen science! It also shed light on the extent of human impact on reefs around the world.

More information about Reef Check at:

Positive Change for Marine Life

Positive Change for Marine Life dismantles the old narrative that the ocean exists for us to exploit. Through their core values of understanding, education and respect, they empower communities to take action for our ocean, developing long-term initiatives which benefit the sea, as well as those who rely upon it for survival.  Their key focus is to address marine debris and pollution, which is having a devastating impact on marine ecosystems, as well as on human health.

More information about Positive Change for Marine Life at: