Where Are They Now? Film Stars From The Past 10 Years: Part One

Have you ever wondered where the people from the films of previous film festivals are now? In 2024 we celebrated eleven years of the Ocean ...
Lisa Blair sets new world record

Lisa Blair Sets The World Record For Solo Sailing Around New Zealand

Lisa Blair has achieved a new record for solo monohull sailing, completing a course from Auckland to Auckland around New Zealand in 16 days and ...
Happy World Ocean Day!

8 Creative Ways to Celebrate World Oceans Day This June 8th

We sure do love the ocean, and what better way to show our appreciation than by dedicating an entire day to celebrating it!
Lisa Blair new world record

Breaking News: Lisa Blair Sets New Speed Solo Sailing World Record From Australia to New Zealand.

Lisa has become the fastest and first female to sail completely solo and unassisted from Australia to New Zealand.
Lisa Blair Sails the World, Attempting two new World Records

Embarking on the Next Adventure with Lisa Blair: Attempting Two New World Records

After the exhilarating journey of watching Lisa Blair circumnavigating Antarctica, many are left wondering, "What's next for this unstoppable force of nature?" Well, buckle up, ...
Tess sorting through Ocean Debris on Stinson Beach, California by Maya Pisciotto

Tess Felix: Transforming Ocean Debris into Art that Speaks Volumes

In the realm where art intersects with environmental consciousness, Tess Felix stands as a unique force, weaving a tapestry of creativity and activism by transforming ...
'The Sanctuary', Photo Credit: Tim Brown

Filmmaker Interview: Tim Brown on “The Sanctuary”

Join us as we sit down with filmmaker Tim Brown, the visionary behind the compelling film "The Sanctuaryā€¯. We delve into the unique journey of ...
Scientists Discover how Whales Sing Their songs

Whale Song Mystery Uncovered: Scientists Have Just Discovered ‘How’ Baleen Whales Sing Their Songs

Hey ocean enthusiasts! Ready for some whale-sized news that will blow your mind (and your eardrums)? Scientists have just cracked the mysterious code behind the ...

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