Breaking News: Lisa Blair Sets New Speed Solo Sailing World Record From Australia to New Zealand.

Australian record-breaking solo sailor Lisa Blair has set two new World Sailing Speed Records (to be ratified by WSSRC) for the fastest time Sydney to Auckland and first woman, solo monohull record slicing an incredible more than 4 days off the record to finish in 8 days, 3hrs and 19 minutes.

Lisa’s campaign was to “Cross the Ditch for Climate Action Now” raising awareness of ocean pollution issues and advocating for everyone to make a change for the health of the ocean.

The journey of more than 1400 nms was peppered with fluky winds and lighting storms, squalls over 30 knots then hours of calm, a knock down and close encounters with vessels

Map of Lisa's 2 World Record attempts. She will attempt to circumnavigate New Zealand at a later date.
Map of Lisa’s 2 World Record attempts. She will attempt to circumnavigate New Zealand at a later date.

Before delving into Lisa’s incredible feat, it’s essential to pay homage to those who came before her. A decade ago, an intrepid sailor by the name of James Prascevic set the benchmark, completing the daunting voyage from Australia to New Zealand in 12 days 14 hr 41 min 15 sec and was achieved between 22 January and 4 February 2020. James sailed a distance of 1,265 nautical miles (2342.78 km), his record was recognised by the World Sailing Speed Record Council. James’ record-breaking journey showcased the immense challenges and rewards of solo sailing, setting the stage for future adventurers like Lisa Blair to follow.

Photo credit: Lisa Blair Sails The
Photo credit: Lisa Blair Sails The

“On this trip the weather and seas threw every element at me and because it was a short window I have hardly slept and really pushed my settings the whole way. The boat has performed superbly but I am pretty exhausted and thrilled to be heading to this early finish and record and showcasing Climate Action now for a healthy ocean,” Lisa said from onboard about 40 nm to the finish.”

Lisa’s achievement is not merely a testament to her sailing prowess but also a testament to the indomitable human spirit. The conditions for such a voyage were nothing short of brutal, with Lisa facing treacherous seas, unpredictable weather patterns, and relentless fatigue. Throughout her journey Lisa battled through insane sleep deprivation, surviving on a mere 1.5 hours of sleep per night. It’s a testament to her strength and resilience that she not only endured but achieved her goal in such extreme conditions.

Photo credit: Dean Koopman
Photo credit: Dean Koopman

Sailing for Climate Action

Lisa continues to sail for Climate Action Now as she sails to raise awareness and funds for the cause that is close to her heart. Her boat, lovingly named ‘Climate Action Now’ is decorated with messages from the community in support of the cause. 

Lisa Blair is a driving force for change and uses her world records to create positive education and participation around the Climate Action Now message. On the Antarctic voyage, Lisa worked in partnership with the Australian Institute of Marine Science to complete the largest microplastic survey of the Southern Ocean. The sad news was that every sample had plastic and 64.8% of the microplastics found on her voyage were classed as microfibre, generated from the textile industry. Her new world record trips enable her to share an amplify the key findings.

Lisa and her boat named 'Climate Action now', is devoted to the cause
Lisa and her boat named ‘Climate Action now’, is devoted to the cause.


  • The highest concentration of microplastics sampled was found in the waters below Australia and is equivalent to 357,500 particles of plastic in an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • An average of 58 000 particles of Microplastics in an Olympic-sized swimming pool volume of water was sampled around Antarctica.
  • Fibres were more abundant than fragments, comprising 64.8% of all microplastics found.
  • Lisa sampled a micro-bead from the middle of the Southern Ocean.  Commonly found in skin care products.
  • Supplied seafloor depth data to the Seabed 2030 Program

Lisa’s latest achievement adds another chapter to her storied career, cementing her legacy as one of the greatest sailors of her generation. As we celebrate her historic accomplishment, we can’t help but wonder what new challenges she’ll conquer next. One thing’s for sure: wherever the winds may take her, Lisa Blair will continue to inspire us all.

Read more about Lisa Blair’s accomplishments here and here

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