Best Christmas Gifts for The Ocean Enthusiast 2024
Best Christmas Gifts for The Ocean Enthusiast 2023

Can you believe it’s almost that time again?! We can’t!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you’re feeling the excitement and the pressure to find the perfect gifts for your ocean-loving friends and family, fear not! We’ve curated a list of incredible, eco-friendly, and ocean-inspired gift ideas that will make a big splash this Christmas. From sustainable accessories to thrilling experiences, these presents are sure to bring joy to every ocean enthusiast in your life.

Here are our top picks for Ocean lovers this Christmas.

These handcrafted and thoughtfully designed products are made from recycled materials and the brands that create them give back to the planet:

  • Ocea Collective offers a treasure trove of ocean plastic jewellery and chic eco-friendly sunglasses, where every purchase contributes 1% to ocean conservation. 
  • Waterlust brings you a brand new collection- the ‘Coral Conservation’ line which sees 10% of every purchase go towards the University of Miami’s ‘Rescue a Reef’ Program and advocates for Coral Conservation. Worldwide shipping available.
  • Explore the vibrant swimwear options at Andie and The Someday Co, while Arqutype offers men’s swimwear designed for both style and sustainability. 
  • Lace up with Allbirds or ON eco-friendly running shoes, designed for maximum comfort and minimal environmental impact. 
  • For the adventurous spirits, surf the waves with Balsa Wood Surfboards Riley, Surfing Green, and Organic Dynamic, all crafting surfboards with a nod to nature. 
  • And why not add a touch of whimsy to your holiday greetings? Send plantable Christmas cards from Nurturing Nature Cards, spreading joy that blossoms into beautiful flowers. With these handcrafted, thoughtfully designed gifts made from recycled materials, you’re not just celebrating the season – you’re making waves for a greener, brighter future!

These stylish & functional plastic living alternatives are sure to be a hit with any ocean lover:

  • Package Free Shop offers a curated selection of eco-friendly living essentials, from reusable straws to bamboo toothbrushes, providing sustainable alternatives that make a difference. 
  • BrushItOn brings you biodegradable toothbrushes, making your dental routine planet-friendly. 
  • Explore the plastic-free wonders at Biome, where you’ll find an array of products designed to reduce your plastic footprint in style. 
  • For lovers of sparkling water, SodaStream offers a guilt-free solution – one SodaStream bottle saves a staggering 2,190 bottles from the landfill, allowing you to enjoy your bubbly beverages guilt-free!
  • Elevate your sipping experience with reusable cups and mugs from our very own merch store here – Adventure Reels, or Pottery for the Planet, Frank Green. These innovative designs not only keep your drinks hot or cold but also champion sustainability with their durable, eco-friendly materials. So, whether you’re enjoying your favourite brew or hydrating on-the-go, you can do it in style and contribute to a plastic-free world. This Christmas, let your gifts make waves – not waste – and join the movement for a cleaner, greener planet!

Ideal for the ‘hard to buy for’ ocean lover:

Unlock the perfect gifts for the ‘hard to buy for’ ocean lover, tailored to satisfy their deepest aquatic passions! 

  • For an unforgettable experience, consider a thrilling encounter with Majestic Whale Encounters, offering immersive adventures with these magnificent creatures, creating memories that last a lifetime. 
  • Delve into the depths of ocean knowledge with our best ocean reads blog post, guiding you to a trove of books tailored for ocean lovers, available for purchase through direct links. 
  • When in doubt, turn to Australian Geographic‘s website, where a plethora of ocean-inspired treasures await, ensuring you can’t go wrong with any choice.
  • For a more extravagant gesture, gift the transformative experience of an Eco-tourism trip to Hawaii, delving into the island’s roots and embracing sustainable travel. 
  • Adventurous souls will appreciate the opportunity to obtain a diving certificate or update their existing skills with a PADI diving course, opening the door to a world beneath the waves. 

Our top picks!

  • Dive deeper into ocean exploration with tickets to the 2024 Ocean Film Festival screenings, promising captivating narratives and breathtaking visuals. 
  • And for a touch of everyday eco-consciousness, opt for biodegradable iPhone cases, blending style and sustainability seamlessly.
  • Additionally, get your hands on the highly coveted, brand new Ocean Film Festival Merch, featuring exclusive items that celebrate the allure of the ocean. 
  • Alternatively, consider purchasing a prepaid Adventure Reels TV gift voucher, allowing your loved one to unwind at home with a bag of popcorn, immersed in the mesmerising world of oceanic wonders on the silver screen. Let them experience enchanting imagery and captivating deep-sea entertainment from the comfort of their own space!

With these thoughtfully curated gifts, you’re not just offering presents; you’re gifting unparalleled experiences, knowledge, and a profound connection to the ocean, making this holiday season truly extraordinary for the ocean lover in your life!

Of course, you don’t need to show your love by buying something new.  Re-gifting or buying second-hand is better for the environment and can be equally as thoughtful and personalised.  Gifting your time is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly (and valuable) gift of all!  Commit to spending an afternoon just hanging out at the beach, on a boat or swimming in the ocean and if you can, also commit to being electronics-free, so you can enjoy some time offline.  These are the moments that truly matter in life…and will be remembered for years to come.

Let’s keep plastics out of our oceans, not only this Christmas, but every Christmas and birthday to come!

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