Whether you’re looking to be inspired, looking for tips on how to take better photos of and in the ocean or you’re looking for that next perfect beach holiday, Instagram is the place to be! You’ll find all of that and so much more as you scroll through different accounts, each with beautiful images to share!

For the underwater photographer:

We love @oceanic.brooke
Her photos are truly spectacular are you’ll see such a diversity of animal and plant life on her feed, you may begin to wonder if it’s even real! The ocean and all that lives in it really comes alive as you see what she is seeing, each time she dives below the surface. Currently in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, and exploring all that the ocean has to offer just off the coast of that Indonesian island.

For ocean adventure seeker:

Check out @gfunk_
Follow Guy Willment from his local break on Sydney’s Northern Beaches to the Arctic Circle.  Chasing the swell and good times with his mates Guy’s images are stunning, diverse and adventurous.  You can see more of Guy and his inspiring work at the 2020 Ocean Film Festival World Tour.

For that picture perfect pastel-hued picture:

@nathanprostamo has got you covered!
His take on the Gold Coast, Queensland will have you wishing you lived there. Stunning shots of the beach, the crystal-clear ocean and the incredible way the sun rises seemingly from the Pacific Ocean, each picture is a truly beautiful tribute to the serenity of the sea.

For the artistic ocean lover:

For a different perspective, some may even say, a ‘higher’ perspective, check out @saltywings – who takes shots all over W.A. and at times, greater Australia, and around the world,  from a drone. The results are stunning, and something that without Salty Wings so generously sharing with the world, via Instagram, we may never be able to see otherwise!

For the surfer:

@leroybellet will keep your #wave obsession in check, as you follow him around Australia and the islands of the Pacific, in search of the elusive perfect wave. An incredible range of shots and media make up this account, with no two images looking the same… which considering most photos are of waves, is an impressive feat!

For the eco-warrior:

If you’re looking for tips on how to reduce your plastic usage and keep it out of our oceans, then look no further than @plastic_patrol

Based in the U.K. but with a global focus, this account gives really useful and practical tips on how to keep your life plastic free, as well as statistics from around the world and quotes from other conservationists. This account is awesome because they don’t just seek to educate and lead by example, they are going one step further and are attempting to change and champion policy changes within government, which is so impressive!

You can help them change policy around plastics, by jumping on their app and recording plastic rubbish that you see impacting the environment that you live in. We love seeing people talking the talk and walking the walk, when it comes to environmental change and conservation!

Leave a comment below and let us know your favourite accounts to follow, that inspire the ocean-lover in you.

*top image and feature image of dolphin by Guy Willment @gfunk_

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