Lisa Blair Sets The World Record For Solo Sailing Around New Zealand

Lisa Blair sets new world record

Lisa has done it again! Another world record!

Lisa Blair has achieved a new record for solo monohull sailing, completing a course from Auckland to Auckland around New Zealand in 16 days and 23 hours on her yacht, Climate Action Now.

As she crossed the finish line near Rangitoto Island, Lisa was welcomed by a beautiful sunrise and the fading moon, with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) overseeing the record attempt.

“I’m incredibly proud to be the first person to sail solo around New Zealand,” Lisa said. “I encountered all kinds of weather, including two storms, and finished my journey in Auckland Harbour. I worked very hard to set a time that I believe will be tough to beat, and I expect a Kiwi sailor to attempt it soon.”

During her voyage, Lisa encountered orcas, albatrosses, massive waves, and storms, at one point surfing a swell at a record 23 knots. She also experienced calm conditions but pushed on to set this new solo monohull record. Additionally, she observed plastic pollution even in the pristine waters off New Zealand’s southern coast, highlighting her campaign to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic on the oceans. Her previous solo Antarctic sailing record also included a survey of microplastic pollution.

Lisa began her journey at 0757hrs (NZST) on Tuesday, May 7th, and completed it at 0742hrs (NZST) on Friday, May 24th, covering over 2,672 nautical miles.

Lisa Blair celebrates after setting the record for a solo monohull circumnavigation around New Zealand Image: RNZYS Media
Lisa Blair celebrates after setting the record for a solo monohull circumnavigation around New Zealand Image: RNZYS Media

“I didn’t sleep at all last night, and after only taking short 20-minute naps throughout the trip, I’m now looking forward to a hot shower, a good meal, and a long sleep,” she said.

Just last month, Lisa set another record as the first woman to solo sail from Sydney to Auckland in a monohull, completing the journey in 8 days, 3 hours, and 19 minutes, which shaved over four days off the previous record. This achievement is pending ratification by the World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC).

The new record, which requires circumnavigating all of New Zealand and its surrounding islands within 8 nautical miles of the mainland, will be verified by the RNZYS in collaboration with the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) and the WSSRC.

Lisa’s Climate Action Now campaign began in 2015, collecting environmental action messages from the public, which are displayed on her yacht. Having witnessed plastic pollution in remote seas, her campaign urges people to take individual actions to protect the oceans.

“I’m sailing to save our oceans and to show that each individual has the power to create change, starting with one action,” Lisa stated. “I believe we can make a difference, and I undertake these records to demonstrate that together we can create a better future through positive climate action.”

Lisa Blair Sails the World, Attempting two new World Records
Lisa Blair on her boat ‘Climate Action Now’

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